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So what does an author say in their first blog post?

Wow, ok. The software said 'type here' so I guess I just created my first blog post as a historical mystery author. So....welcome.

What I hope to accomplish in this blogs will be pretty eclectic but not necessarily in the order listed below.

1) To discuss my writing, characters development, plots and plot twists, you know, general authory stuff.

2) To provide some historical insight into the era I have chosen (circa 1917) i.e. snippets of what life was like during that time, how people behaved, what was going on in the local, regional, national and international arena. Many of these events parallel what we are seeing today.

3) Not only am I an author but also an avid, no scratch that rabid (!) reader, so if I come across any other mysteries that I truly loved, I'll post a review and a link to the book at That is the least I can do for other authors.

So there it is. My first author post.

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